Crypto Could ‘Create Access to Opportunity,’ Says NBA’s Stephen Curry

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NBA superstar Steph Curry said he believes cryptocurrencies have the potential to be leveraged for economic opportunity and social mobility.

The two-time NBA MVP shared these thoughts with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang at a charity event for his Eat.Learn.Play foundation. Last week, Curry signed a deal with FTX to become the cryptocurrency exchange’s new Global Ambassador. Additionally, Curry will receive an equity stake in FTX Trading Limited and his foundation will partner on charitable initiatives.

Curry on crypto

Chang told Curry that these recent actions of his had caused quite a stir, and asked him what excited him about cryptocurrency. Although Curry acknowledged that cryptocurrencies have “been around for a while,” he believes we’re still at the beginning “from a mass awareness perspective.”

Consequently, Curry believes in their longevity, which he said makes education imperative, since “this is going to be a part of the next generation and how they think about financial opportunity.”

He also expressed interest in how the community aspects of cryptocurrencies could also be leveraged for democratizing financial institutions. “This is going to be something that you can participate in,” Curry said. “And hopefully we can create that access to opportunity through it.”

Although confident in the long-term prospects of cryptocurrencies from an investment perspective, Curry said the most important part of his partnership with FTX “is to create a socially conscious platform within crypto.

FTX sponsorship

Meanwhile, besides Curry, FTX has been making a slew of deals with other major sports stars and teams. For instance, football legend Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bündchen also signed their own deal with FTX earlier this year.

Additionally, FTX signed a 10-year, $17.5 million naming rights deal for the UC Berkley Football Stadium just last month. This would be the second major stadium naming rights deal for the crypto exchange, following the FTX Arena in Miami. FTX is also the official crypto exchange of Major League Baseball. In its most recent round of fundraising, FTX was valued at $18 billion.

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