I invested but I still don't know what is

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We started investing in SalmonSwap with Tron, which is less than KRW 100,000, but we are SWAP with USDT as soon as we harvest the mined salmon.

Today, on the third day, about 10 USDT was exchanged.

1USDT is roughly 1,000 won, and at this pace, it means that you can extract the principal by mining salmon in about a month.

Since the price of TAI purchased for salmon mining continues to decline compared to the time of purchase, and the mining period is less than 9 days from now, it is expected that the price and utilization of TAI will be directly connected to profits after that.

I know that the original quantity will be preserved when unstaking the paired Tron, but I haven't tried Unce yet, so I don't know exactly.

Anyway, this kind of investment seems to be a strategy that quickly hits what looks good and comes out quickly when people are crowded.

It is questionable whether this kind of DeFi is indeed the future finance that will replace the current financial system.

I wonder if SalmonSwap's salmon mining will save the price of salmon eaten last weekend^^

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