Five platfoms driving the mass adoption of the Hive Blokchain

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Hive blockchain remains the most undervalued blockchain in the universe and the reason is still quite unclear. The merits of engaging on the blockchain are endless and yet, it remains quite unknown when compared to the big dogs on the blockchain. For those who are not in the clear of who the top dogs are, well, they are Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart chain. it is even hard to argue that Fantom blockchain isn't ahead of Hive blockchain in the popularity contest.

Although, I don't know why developers fail to see the huge potential of building their product on the HIVE blockchain I feel sorry for the developers regardless. one of the advantages of the Hive blockchain is that it is very transparent unlike and decentralized. That's one of the benefits HIVE Blockchain enjoys from being one of the first Web 3.0 platforms on the blockchain. The fact that Hive blockchain is feeless and you could operate without having to pay a fee should be a reason enough to what to be part of.

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Well, Before I finally and completely deviate from the article title, oi leave those who want to know what they stand to gain by creating their product on the hive blockchain with this link.

So to the topic of the day, the five platforms that are driving more adoption of the HIVE Blockchain. They are listed below:

  • Splintersland
  • Leofinance
  • Listnerds
  • Hiveengine

With numerous projects already built on the platform, these five seems to be at the center of the mass adoption of the blockchain. Each paragraph that follows explains the contribution of each to the Hive Blockchain.

The platform is the first and oldest and its role in ushering in users can not be underestimated. in fact, it is worth all the hype and accreditations it has gotten. is a platform that rewards users based on their proof of brain, ie their originally created content. With over a millionaire account on the platform, it stays ahead when ranking the platform with the topmost adoption.

While leofinance was been caved from the, there is no denying that it has done enough to be considered a stand-alone platform. Just like is a content-creating platform, Leofinance also shares the same ideology. the difference is that Leofinance does not entertain all niches as it focuses on just crypto, investment, and other technological articles. The contribution of LEO tokens is not well-spoken off as it created an avenue for adoption with users creating an account with their Twitter account. It also became the first platform to provide a cross-chain bridge as its LEO tokens were bridged to the Ethereum blockchain. It also gave birth to the first Defi project on the Hive blockchain called CUB defi which was bridged to the Binance smart chain Platform.

Talk about the gaming experience, then you would definitely be talking about Splintersland. It is a game built on the hive blockchain that allows their user to earn tokens and NFT as they engage with the game. The game currently ranks as one of the top games on all blockchains and that has further helped shine some deserved spots light on the hive blockchain. The success of Splintersland has led to numerous games being built on the Hive blockchain and it is obvious that more will follow.

Listnerds is a new service that was launched by @jonolson under the CTP umbrella. This new service has done its bit to drive digital marketers to the platform as they hope to buy into this innovation in other to reach a much wider available audience. The platform rewards users for reading emails. That has led to marketers and big organizations leveraging on that to reach users who are forced to read their mails as reading emails results in getting rewarded.

Hive Engine is literally the first market built on the hive blockchain. Although this platform is yet to be perfected as it still has its flaws but there is no denying how it paved way for other better markets to be deployed on the blockchain.

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I agree, I don't understand why people would want to build on say the ETH network, and have to deal with those massive fees. A game like splinterlands can work on Hive w/ no fees (RC costs, yes, but no fees.) Not so sure on ETH.

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The main reason for the lack of popularity in comparison to other Blockchain despite hive being better must be because of the token value. People normally search for crypto as a way to get rich overnight and hive is all about consistent work



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