Five things to do as $hive token is under $1

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When hive was around $3 in value, I knew that the coin was getting the recognition it so much deserves for ages. I took that as a sign of the good things to come but unfortunately, the worst happened. the price crashed as a lot of negative events happened successively.



The market correction happened first as most coins were overpriced. This brought about a slash in the value of the coin to half. the market slowly recovered, then the internet being shut scenario happened soon afterward. This event caused bitcoin to lose value and when we thought all was well again as the internet was restored, another big dip attacked the market, and that left $hive being valued at around $0.6 just yesterday.

At the moment, in order to fully utilize this opportunity to hit big from the $hive token which is currently valued at around $0.8, follow some of these hints in the paragraphs that follow.



Hold your $hive: Most people are scared that the crypto might be crashing but they are wrong. The market will stabilize at some point and you will be shocked at how much you will be able to take home from being patient. Selling your coins will result in you making a loss. If your $hive coin is Hold and wait till the market recovers.



Create more content on the Hive Blockchain: One beautiful thing about the $hive tokens is that you could earn them by creating original content. The good news is that you earn more from the same value of upvotes you have been getting before. For example, if your post payout is 5 dollars and you do get 2 hives from it before, you could get over 4 hives from the same $5 post payout.



Buy more $hive coin: For those who want to make a quick profit or a long-term profit, now presents the best time for you to enter the $hive market. Buy more and sell later as the value is already recovering bit by bit. For traders, this remains a great coin to have in one portfolio.

Stake instead of just holding: This point is more for the content creators and investors who have a liquid hive on the hive platform. Why not stake your liquid hive so that you could get more hive from curation and also thereby increase/make more hive in the process. This way, it is a win-win situation for everyone.



Lastly, be patient: Patience is indeed a virtue and in this crypto space, a lot of that patience is needed in order to excel. The market will take a lot of time to recover and during that period, a lot of rash decisions could be made. in order to avoid this rash decision, it is advisable to be patient while thinking of a calculated move to make in order to make big gains.

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The most sensible action is to accumulate in this zone of apparent depreciation, or failing that sell on impulses and buy back on pullbacks and go determining how far the price will fall, good post.

Best regards, be well.

Thanks for the input, i appreciate

The joys of hive is we have so many different things we can do, We can hodl, buy, but we can stake to earn more, curation to earn more, Liquid pools, Passive coins, Hive is a great ecosystem

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I agree, its a great ecosystem

I guess you meant getting more than 5 dollar from the same 2 hive payout.

Great post. Thanks.

nope, I meant that you get more hive pay out. for example, lets say 5 dollars payout gives you 2 hive before, now, you can get 4 hive

Oh I think I get you now.

I more used to the peakd showing the payout as hive and how it splits them to HBD and HP.

Thanks for clarifying.

you are welcome and besides, it was just an example

Yes.. It really helped understanding...

you are welcome