Little beginnings

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A step they say make a mile, drops of water could feel the ocean and yet despite all this life directing quotes, a lot of people still makes the mistake that all they wish for could be achieved in one scoop. That's not how lofe works, the wealthy people in today's world know this. They didn't get rich all of a sudden, it was from the accumulation of funds here and there while also spending lesser than they actually make.

No one appreciates the baby's efforts anymore and that's why a lot has gone wrong for the young ones of this era. The quick success thinking has made many take steps that have ruined their lives despite boosting a great potential before their drastic rash actions. This generation act has forced many into doing this they never thought they would do due to the rottenness of the said act.



Living in Nigeria as a country has been tough and truth is, it is not getting better. If things are to be critically assessed, things have gone from bad to worst in the country. Imagine a university graduate with no job and source of income, how is he or she supposed to survive the hardships and demands of this country. I have been in these shoes also and I know that it was literally like a living hell.

Thanking God that I was able to get out of that cycle and get something doing. Not many people had that chance that I had and certainly not many are as informed as I am. Today I could boost of making something for myself through my involvement in cryptocurrency. It usually wasn't always like this as the first two years and a half resulted in nothing huge from my involvement but things changed since the turn of the year 2021.

The sacrifice of my little beginning is now paying off and it has also helped me position myself well during this period also. The efforts and experience from the past in the cryptocurrency world have helped shape my beliefs and how I react when a huge dip or huge moon occurs. It has taught me to be patient and calculative but above all, I have learned and grown but I am still learning.

in a nutshell, if you are just getting in the crypto space, don't expect to make a life-changing profit at first try or within 3 months of being part of this world but rather focus on learning and familiarizing yourself with the blockchain world even more. I will recommend learning for six months to gain an intermediate level of comprehension and understanding of the new world.

In as much as a lot of people likes to see crypto as one technology that would shoot them to the stars, one should be careful as it has sent a lot of people to their early grave while some are broke as they were illy informed. Take your time and learn and appreciate the little baby steps you are taking on your way to becoming better than you used to be.

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