My top six daily crypto rituals

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When I wake up every morning I have a set of things I do. While I try my best to apportion them and make sure it cut across every being of my existence. I have plans for what to eat and the exercises to do each day. Same way, I have plans for what I do in the crypto world.

Truth is that I have a lot I do in regards to crypto but I have managed to group them into just six categories. Some of these rituals are habits now and I do them unctuously. The habits and rituals are:

  1. Checking my crypto portfolio immediately I pick up my phone. This happens to be the first thing I do every morning when I wake up. It is like a habit I have formed over time and I don't even know why I check it anymore. It comes naturally and the funny thing is I end up checking up my portfolio balance on multiple occasions during the day.

  2. Claiming of tokens. I have a set of tokens I mine each day. I mine them from my mobile app and also just claim on some websites. we all know that mining coins on a mobile phone are not a forever type of deal, so I make the best use of the free time available to accumulate it for now. Regarding claiming free tokens, I claim some candies from sites like coinmarketcap and coingecko also.

  3. Also, I make sure that I create content across my crypto blogging platforms. Since the creation of content as always putting food on my table, I try my best to create a write-up every day. It is only on a few days that miss out on writing and it's not because I ran dry of content but it mostly falls on lack of time for it.

  4. Airdrops have been a major source of wealth creation and I ensure that I do at least five airdrops in a day regardless of how busy I am. Only people who have not really tasted the goodness of airdrops will toil with it. for me, I see it as a rich oil field that will continue paying for a long time as projects look forward to having large data in a short space. only airdrops could make them that in a very short space.

  5. Also, I do my bits to be aware of the current trends and news regarding crypto and blockchain tech. I never pass the opportunity to read news regarding crypto every day and this has happened to my knowledge. I get updates each day and I ensure that I follow the news in order to know what is happening in the market. As the saying goes, staying informed is the best way to make a lot from crypto as the information remains key on this very volatile technology

  6. Lastly, I have developed a habit of researching every day. from the time I wake up to the time I sleep, I do my research on coins with potential. They are days when the research is just on a coin but it is a daily habit. They are days when it is on how to use a platform and earn from it or how to aid another person looking to join this world. In all, I do research constantly and this has also helped kept me abreast of the current trends in the market.



So that's all about my daily habits or rituals surrounding the world of crypto. They are days when I play crypto-related games but it is not something I do daily. They are also times I do tasks for a reward but that does not fall under the top 6 I do on a daily basis. I will like to hear about your crypto rituals on a daily basis.

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Other than just having these habits/rituals, do you find they've provided you with certain benefits that justify continuing them? Do you have any examples of positive experiences related to being vigilant with you crypto?


yeah, I tend to get into money-making positions before others and that kind of gives me an edge


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