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Living your best life comes at a cost and lots of sacrifices. Almost everyone wants to live their best life, but few are willing to do the needful. This life only comes to those who are disciplined, dedicated to growth, and above all, positioning themselves well for life-changing opportunities. Lots of opportunities are in circulation now and I can say that a lot of youths are putting their best to fully optimize these opportunities. Few have been successful in this regard while others are still struggling and that’s where the Luck element plays its own role.



Opportunities come and go. I have been fortunate to experience a lot of life-changing opportunities despite being in my late twenties. Aside from graduating from university at an early age, I have not been able to fully optimize the numerous opportunities I have come across aside from crypto. Despite keying into crypto 4 years ago through my interaction with Hive (Steemit), it wasn’t until last year (2021) that I made a lot from it. At the end of the day, I lost almost all that I gained towards the tail end of the year 2021.

Growing up, I had the opportunity of coming across someone who was ready to sponsor me abroad (America to be precise). The opportunity was lost because I didn’t have an international passport at that time. To this day, the missed opportunity still hurts because I would have become a US Citizen by now and, would have completed my BSC, Master's, and Doctorate programs by now. I would have been working in a top financial firm by now as that was my childhood dream. That was the first of many opportunities missed.



Also, during my bachelor’s degree days at the university, I had the opportunity of becoming a founding member of a restaurant in the school vicinity. I passed up that opportunity because I was young and didn’t even see a need for that. I was only 16 years old at that time and I was at 300 level. I thought that I might never be able to supervise the business well as I might be traveling out of the country after graduation. Coupled with the fact that, I don’t see myself as old enough to have a business of my own. Well, I was wrong this time again and I missed these opportunities once again. The restaurant has been doing well and the last time I checked, it has branches even outside the university vicinity.

The list of wasted or missed opportunities goes on and on but the most painful one yet must be the missed opportunity in the crypto realm. Even after @zoneboy introduced me to the crypto writing blogging platform over three years ago, I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I didn’t put any effort and I lost the opportunity to amaze lots of the coin. Besides, when he introduced me to the platform, it was much easier to get upvotes and the value of Hive (Steem) was worth over $4 dollars as of that period.



I really started paying attention to this blogging platform in late 2019 but got tired at a point during the first market dip in 2021. In 2022, things became worst, and I didn’t create enough time to write as my job became more demanding and upvotes were becoming much harder to come by at the same time. I gave it all up at a time in search of other opportunities but here I am once again at the place where it all started seeking advice on what next to do.

To be sincere with everyone, the event of the past few months, the dip in market value, and the hacking of my crypto wallet have made me tired and ready to give it all up. This coupled with the hardship we face in my country (Nigeria) now and the stress from my job has made everything tiring for me. I am overwhelmed as I am underpaid and overused on the job, thus making me try to even have time for something else. I need advice on what you guys feel is next for me in other to move away from my current state.



Your contributions, suggestions, and opinions are highly needed and will go a long way to save a soul who is on the edge of falling into depression.

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Hi @lebey1

Reading this "graduating from college at a young age, I have not been able to fully optimize the numerous opportunities I have encountered besides cryptocurrencies", is re-encountering my own life experience, something similar has also happened to me, but well the idea is not to faint until you achieve your goals.

Best regards, be well.