What’s your contribution to Crypto/Blockchain technology?

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I personally have never felt that I had much impact in the crypto space in terms of contribution until I met a friend. This said friend of mine was always boasting that he has done a lot in this crypto space than I have done. Well, I agreed, and I asked him a simple question that who brought him into this crypto space and responded by saying I was the one and that was enough contribution for me.

The issue of achievements and feat no matter how great it should be first perceived by the person doing instead of waiting for someone to validate their output. While this friend of mine has already succeeded in launching a coin (Which by the way is doing well), I am yet to master one single coding. The thoughts of creating a token have not even flashed my heart yet my friend assumed he has done more than I have done in the crypto space.

Maybe he is wrong or maybe it is right, for me, it was never a competition and contributions are all about perspective and I think this applies in all ramifications of life. For instance, What MR A might see as a ground-breaking achievement/ contribution might just be normal stuff to MR B and it centers around perspective. I concluded that perspective is what differentiates one being from another.



After a while, I sat to think of what I have contributed to this crypto space then I realise that I have done a lot that even I did not acknowledge. First, I have contributed time to learning a lot about the space and although I am still learning every day, I have done my bit in trying to continuously shine the light of crypto into the eyes of many and I still do that to date.

Unlike many who charge to educate people 0on crypto, I do not charge, and I don’t blame the people who charge either as teaching could be stressful or time-consuming, also a loss of research is done. I do this teaching from time to time and to anyone who is interested and if the time permits me because I have lots of other engagements outside of crypto like my job deliverables.

Aside from teaching, I have taught lots of people how to make money through mining some cryptocurrencies, most especially making money through Airdrops. As I said, Airdrops could change their life in an instant if the right one has been done. The beauty of all this is that once you empower people around you, your job gets lesser in the process.



Also, I educate a lot of people on the risk, opportunities, and rewards for being part of this crypto technology which I believe is still being underused. I do this through my WhatsApp status, Twitter, hive.blog account and other blogging platforms and sometimes, I have a one-on-one meeting with the person I am trying to pass knowledge to.

Aside from these contributions, I have also contributed my time and sometimes, funds on lots of these blockchain projects. The most recent was attending a Telos webinar 2 years ago and I did my best to spread the word then. Other projects I have involved myself in are Coincola.com, with which the place where the conference was held was at UNILAG. Crypto is a very beautiful thing indeed.

So, in closing, no contribution of yours is small In this space and you could only do more and not less with each passing day. The goal is to keep improving while profit of course and also while impacting others on any scale of your choosing. While mine has always been a small group of people, hopefully, this year, I grow into something bigger.



So, I would really love to hear your contribution to the crypto and blockchain world in my dm, also any contributions and appreciation of this post will be appreciated.

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Nice one bro @lebey1

I have been in a place where someone was asked to pay money so that he will gain a little delegation which he will use and make his introductory post. I witnessed that in a WhatsApp group which I came across two weeks ago and I was completely pissed off.

I just asked for the person's username and immediately delegated some HP to the person. No need for money or anyother stuff.

That's it.

Everyone have their contribution so just do yours wholeheartedly. All those you have been able to teach about ways to grow will always know that you had a part in their success story.

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