Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result?

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Covid lockdowns

Belgium is right now in its 3rd lockdown in just over a year. And still these experts keep on believing that they will work. But the first and second lockdown have shown that the course of a virus isn't run by locking people up or setting up an evening clock. Still they keep on expecting a result that the first two times didn't come. I just don't get it, these people are so called professionals in their subjects, but make a mess of things like never before. The economy is in the worst state is has been in decades, people's morale is at all time lows. A studie this week showed that 1 in 4 people in Belgium has had suicidal thoughts this last year due to these lockdown measures. That is just plain shocking, and should wake this people up. But no, loosening of the measures on certain conditions has been planned, and those so called experts are again complaining that it is too dangerous and too soon. Just as if health is just not being sick by a virus, just as if mental health doesn't exist. A real shocking evolution has happened the last 13 months. Life has changed like never before, and all these people find this normal...


I really don't understand it. Am I the only one that enjoyed life like it was, and not the way it is now?



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As long as stupidity is at epic levels we won't get out of any lockdown.

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It's never been about a virus, it's about destroying liberty and ushering in the new Party of Davos aristocracy and "building back better" where you'll own nothing, you'll live in a pod, you'll eat bugs and you'll love it.