If this could be true for Hive!

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Amazing support line

Now, don't be fooled here, I am nobody to take advice from about technical analysis of any cryptocurrency or stock whatsoever. But this just looks very appealing to me. And I am very curious what the real technical analysts think about this. Is this a real support line Hive is on? And if so, this means it is going to skyrocket. So, this post is more of a question to the TA guys. Did I spot something correct here? And if I did, what is the target of Hive if you are looking at this?

The red line clearly shows a straight line that is connecting the "higher lows", and is point at the moon!

Give me your opinion!



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I don't know anything about technical analysis, but I hope from the bottom of my heart that you're right!

I really hope so too! 😉

Yeah maybe you are right and HIVE is setting up for a huge W pattern?

You spot it here and you might be right, it looks like holding a trendline.

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After tripling my money in HEX in 30 days, then the HIVE chart pail in comparison:

Screenshot from 2021-05-13 11-59-58.png