Unstoppable! Cryptocurrency Will Be Adopted as a Form of Payment Worldwide

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We move very fast, and in the long run, I believe cryptocurrencies would be widely accepted as a form of payment globally. As I read a news today that a boutique hotel in Nashville has accepted Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to book and pay their room. I know that many countries still restrict the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method. Like in Indonesia, the cryptocurrency is only legal as digital investment asset. We can not use cryptocurrency to buy products or pay for a kind of service. We should go to digital exchange to cash our coins to Rupiah, then we use Indonesian Rupiah for mean of payment.


However, I am pretty sure in the future, we can use the cryptocurrency to pay or buy anything in our country. We know that, day by day, more merchants will accept cryptocurrency without any border of a country, it’s will be globally agreement. So, we will be really connected in blockchain.

The Emerging of Travala
Travala.com has done a global traveling business, to pay and book hotel, flight, tours and other traveling activities with their coin, $AVA. It’s a great use case of the coin. $AVA is just an example of a cryptocurrency could be used for payment. The price of $AVA is steadily growing up. And I am sure, $AVA price will go to the moon when COVID-19 Pandemic disappear and people could travel again safely.

I Imagine to Use $HIVE to Pay for Coffee
Paying coffee with $HIVE or $LEO is a pretty simple use case that I hope would be happen in my village in the future as coffee is already being our culture. And we could find many coffee shops at every corner of my town.


Then, every coffee shop has Hive Account and their guests will pay their coffee with one or two clicks to transfer Hive with zero transaction fee. And the guests could make a post about coffee or even the review of the coffee shop to earn more $HIVE. They might write a post on Foodies Bee Hive or Cinnamon Cup Coffee Communities.

We are already in digital era and all people will be familiar with cryptocurrencies, De-Fi, Coin, Token, NFT. They will know not only Bitcoin, but also HIVE, LEO, CUB, BNB, AVA, CAKE, etc. Finally, they will use the coin to buy something, or to pay their coffee.

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