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Just checking in on how you’re doing for your goals for 2021. We’re almost a quarter of the way through the year … can you believe it?

  1. For myself, I know I have discovered some medical websites that can pay me in crypto, just to upload my medical tests and they can even offer me some medical advice. I just need to test them. USA has closed several ones over the years.
  2. NEXT, I want to attend more #hivechats where I can learn more about the tokens, the marketplace, the social entrepreneurship parts of Hive and find some collaborators for a project that I have.
  3. And the last update about myself. I want to attend Wednesdays APRIL 7 & 14 | 1 PM ET
    Event's name: MarketWatch crypto. MarketWatch and Barron's journalists will convene top experts in cryptos and other financial pros to explore how and whether to invest, the latest on the nascent sector, and where the cryptocurrency market is headed.


If you’re struggling, it’s definitely NOT too late to course-correct... even if you abandoned your crypto goals a while back.

I want to point out the huge open secret we all know to be true about achieving more crypto goals, making lifestyle changes, and setting new healthy habits. And yet, when we map out our goals at the start of the year, we often forget it exists.

Here it is... there WILL be obstacles and bigger fish in our ocean.

Sometimes is hard. Health, job, or personal issues might occur. It’s not a matter of “if” something will get in your way – it’s a question of WHEN. It happens to EVERYONE. And when it happens, it can make you question your discipline, or even if it’s possible for you to achieve the goal at all.

You might even feel like quitting your "hiving" here on #leofinance or in other parts of the eco-system. If you're in an affiliate marketing system, you'll have to go for the automatic settings :) Many people try to adapt to change. When life hits you, you have to face those challenges.

BUT instead … what if you gave yourself a HUGE pat on the back for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, or trying something new and challenging? Might be investing in a new coin. Selling some of your crypto and go on a nice holiday with your life partner. Or, simply, use the crypto that you have to help someone in need? Where? Right here, discretely on https://buymeberries.com/

Then, you could pinpoint and analyze from a certain distance:

Exactly WHAT didn’t work in the hard situation that you had to face,
Why it didn’t work, and ...
What could make it EASIER,
And then you could adjust your plan to get back on track!

It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. We just call this chunking-down in NLP.

Sometimes you can’t see where a piece fits, but if you rotate it and look at it from a different angle, boom! You can see how all the pieces work together to form the complete picture.

Your goals – and the actions you take to reach them – work the exact same way. It can take some creativity and a fresh perspective to find solutions to the problems that crop up.

So if you’ve fallen off course and don’t want another year to pass you by without achieving your health goals, I'm here for you! I'll help as I can.


With care,

Thank you for reading!
~ I live today for me and for others ~
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