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Hello loyal friends Leo Today I am here for you on the Leo platform I love Leo and big hopes for Leo And I also want to participate about Leo every dayI want to share news / news about the Leo market every day, And this will tell you about the price of leo every dayI will show you the price of Leo every day with the same price when I publish my post, but the price of leo can change in seconds so therefore I will put the Leo.dex market link on every post that I publish per day
And I also want to share this news on a daily basis and I will share it on Leofinance without exceptionAnd hopefully I will be allowed to publish about the Leo market on a daily basis,I will invest as many leo stocks as possible here and my goal want to support all Leo friends here without exception


  1. The price of buying Leo tokens at this time is
    Lowest Ask: 1,79800000

  2. The selling price of Leo token at this time is
    Highest Bid: 1,77200000

And for more detailed information you can see directly on the Leo.dex marked or you can click on the link below.



This is what I can say today, hope it will be useful. Thank you


Greetings to you, Leo lovers and always be successful

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We can see this in the market.

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Just a notice, if you don't like that then you can look directly at the market

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Holy shitz really?

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and I thought I was a shitposter... XD

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You're the master 😀

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Leo will be on top

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