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The feelings of accomplishment and joy that I grow gradually as I read a book confirms myself and makes me embrace the pain of life.
You can read 100 books only if you have fun reading 1 volume.
If you want to live a little bit better than yesterday, or if you don't want to be rocked by a sudden life crisis, it's good to have a little time each day, so keep reading.

It was when I was in my fourth year of college and I was trying to go back to school after finishing military service. It was just as the first semester finals were approaching, so it was time for everyone to really light their eyes and study. I was exhausted from having to commute between the library and the classroom from dawn to night to keep up. Still, it was the science fiction, fantasy, and suspense novels I had time to read that gave me a break and allowed me to see the world from a different perspective. Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Dan Brown, Isaac Asimov, JRR Tokin, etc.

It was just the liberal arts classes I chose to fill my grades with. This was the class I took in the largest auditorium in the school, and because I only needed to attend class, most of the time was studying other things or doing other things like graffiti. (The days when there were no cell phones, let alone smartphones)

After I took out the Stephen King novel I was reading, I was excitedly immersed in King's naked lines, and suddenly I felt a direct gaze from the side. Seeing him, he was a senior student back in the same department. As the final exams approached, he said he was reading a novel, and he looked at me with pitiful eyes, saying he was still sane. Even after so many years had passed, the sight was strangely good to look at. The senior's gaze that said he was sitting reading a useless novel. If I read books related to the humanities or majors, that wouldn't happen.

Value having fun reading

Reading is too important to survive in a difficult world. However, even novels that are ignorant of the passage of time and readily readable are no less valuable than self-help books and liberal arts books.

In everyday life that spins like a wheel, I broaden the scope of my thinking by experiencing new experiences through books. Seeing people overcome the crisis gave me the strength to start the day again. As I read Che Guevara's Book of Peace, I seriously pondered which parts of society should be improved. To gain insight rather than lexicographic knowledge by reading interviews by famous authors.

Leads to other reading

After graduating from college and starting work, I naturally stayed away from books. All I read are documents and work-related presentations. Even if I occasionally read books, I pick up business-related economics books instead of novels out of a sense of compulsion and guilt that I would never know. Even though I'm taking a break, I don't want to worry about it, but because I want to take a break, I keep fiddling with my smartphone.

Then, by chance, I read another interesting novel. It was a mystery / suspense novel entitled 'Death of Snow White' by Nellenoy House, but after all this time, I experienced reading that turned bookshelves to the end without stopping. Regardless of whether the book was good or bad, I felt the joy of reading again, and it was a chance to pick up more books.

When I asked Richard Dawkins, who is known for his 'selfish genes', which book had the most influence, he replied that it was a science novel called 'The Black Cloud' by author Fred Hoyle. Of course I wish that would be Darwin's "species origin." Richard replies that from the book's story, he learned about how different science works, and many of the questions he remembers are kept in mind.

However, it is true that reading books just for fun makes me feel guilty for a reason. Umberto Echo, who reads a large number of books with so much knowledge, confessed in an interview with 'What is a writer?'

I think there is still a low voice in my mind that says reading novels in the daytime is too much for fun.

Reading may not be the only or best way to experience life, seek pleasure, and gain knowledge, but reading definitely provides a framework for deeper thinking in many ways.

If you want to read more books, but can't put them into practice, start with an interesting book. Maybe it doesn't matter if it's fantasy or romance.

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