The InkWell Writing Challenge | WHY IS IT EASY TO SIT BY THE FIRE?

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When it is very cold outside, there is nothing more pleasant than lounging by a fire.

But why do we feel so comfortable doing this?

One study shows that the reason fire makes people feel relaxed is actually a phenomenon of evolutionary adaptation. The study authors believe that early humans felt more relaxed around campfires, perhaps because the communication around the campfire provided them with a social environment, which gave them a greater survival advantage. He also used the experiment to prove that sitting next to the fire (using the fire video in the experiment), in particular being able to hear the crackling sound of the combustion, would lower the subject's blood pressure. While this study does not prove that this reaction to fire is an evolutionary adaptation (for example, it may also be due to cultural influences), it does show that sitting by a fire can indeed help you relax.

Everyone knows the importance of fire in the history of human evolution, but we still don't know how important it is. Fire represents leaps and flashes of light, crackling sounds, warmth and a unique taste. For early humans, fire made the day longer, gave them heat, helped them hunt, avoided animals and insects, lit dark places, and made cooking easier. Campfires can also provide social bonds and a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging primitive social behavior. According to this hypothesis, compared with those who were less prone to relaxed moods, people with more peaceful and tolerant personalities were more likely to benefit from such social events through communication around the campfire.

The researchers conducted a randomized cross-test to disperse the fire's sensory properties, they performed three trials on 226 adults and compared their blood pressure before and after sitting near the fire. Simulated silent fire, fire sound, and control groups were used in three experimental groups. It also tested the hypnotic effects of fire, its effect on concentration, and its prosocial effects.

The test results show that sitting next to the sound of a fire will lower blood pressure and increase concentration and pro-socialism, this effect will be more pronounced if you sit for a long time.

The research findings further confirm that stoves and campfires can relax people, and can also provide multi-sensory, focused, and social experiences.

And I remind you that playing with fire is risky and you have to be careful when you make friends


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