The Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway - Week # 7

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Welcome to week 7 of The Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway!

Donations for this week's giveaway are CLOSED. See below for results.


To participate:

Send 1 $ HBD to @combination to get 1 Lucky Number for this week's prize draw

Here is a detailed guide

  • Include the transfer memo Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway
  • Your Lucky Number is assigned automatically
  • You can get as many lucky numbers as you want per draw.
  • 50% of all $ HBD collected goes to the giveaway prizes, 50% goes to @papilloncharity
  • After the draw, if you win your $ HBD prize will be sent to your account
  • Don't have any $ HBD? ►Convert HIVE to HBD Here◄

~ This Week's Giveaway ~


1st place prize @tattoodjay ~ 35% (7 $HBD)
2nd place prize @chocolatescorpi ~ 15% (3 $HBD)
@papilloncharity ~ 50% (10 $HBD)

~ News and Notice ~

  • We have already collected 12 $HBD for the above prizes and 0.333 $HBD in donations
  • The draw period may last longer than a week until participation is booming!


~ About the Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway ~

The Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway is a way to donate to verified charities on Hive that doesn't burden the reward pool.

We feel receiving donations, and not relying on rewards or welfare, is more sustainable

Please see the Introductory Post for more information about this initiative


~ Conditions and rules ~

  • 1 $ HBD gives you 1 Lucky Number for the prize draw
  • Please do not send $ HIVE unless your intention is to make it a 100% donation to charity
  • Refunds for invalid entries (odd amounts or Hive mistakenly sent) can be given
  • Sending using the tip feature is okay (0.990 = 1)
  • Lucky Numbers for prize draw are assigned based on the order $ HBD is received
  • You can get multiple Lucky Numbers by sending more than 1 $ HBD
  • A Lucky Number can only win once per week
  • If the draw is closed, you will be entered for the following week


~ Fairness and Transparency ~

When the giveaway closes (about 1 week/7days after this post is published), a comment will be made below this post:

** ~ GIVEAWAY CLOSED ~ XX $ HBD collected ~ **

Verifiable Random Number Generation (RNG) will determine the lucky numbers. The results will be posted and the rewards will be sent. Then, a new week will begin!

Transparency is important All donations and 50% of $ HBD collected in the giveaway will be sent to @papilloncharity, a trusted, registered and verified charity on Hive. See the Introductory Post for more information about this initiative.

We understand that not everyone may want to participate in the prize giveaway. If you still want to donate, please write Donation in the transfer memo or send $ HIVE instead. You can also just give directly to @papilloncharity.


Disclaimer: The purpose of this initiative is to encourage donations to registered charities. The draw is decided by verifiable random number generation (RNG). Please see the Detailed Terms and Conditions for more about how it works. Participation is optional.

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~ Please comment below if you have any questions or concerns ~



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Thank you cheetah. This is a reoccurring event. It is now week 7 and week 6 is closed.

Hi I have just transferred 1HBD to you so I hope that it gets through ok.
Take care and good luck. 😊

And upvoted and shared on my blog tonight.

Your participation is confirmed. Lucky number 13. The draw will be very soon. Best of luck!

Wow, thank you so much! 😀
Really stoked to be a runnerup and you know the funny thing is, that as random as the numbers are, my Mum was born on the 13th of January and every morning when I blend my breakfast smoothie, I blend it for exactly 13seconds in her memory, so thank you for giving me such a significant number- even though you didn't know it! 😄

Congratulations for upholding this giveaway and sharing contents with the Chary community.

** ~ GIVEAWAY CLOSED ~ 20 $ HBD collected ~ **

This comment will be used to generate the transaction for the draw :)