book and game

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There was a world where home game consoles were rare.

Unlike these days when high-end game consoles with colorful graphics cards were common, it was difficult to see 8-bit and 16-bit game machines in those days.

When I was in the second year of elementary school, I had a friend named Young-min. I was close because I was a friend who had a 16-bit game machine instead of an 8-bit game machine, but before I stopped by Taekwondo academy on weekday afternoons, I always played games at that friend's house. Youngmin was a good child with a similar height to me. Fortunately, Young-min's parents didn't look bad at me, who visits me at the same time every day, so Young-min was able to enjoy free games at home until she moved to another town.

I didn't even grow up in a wealthy home environment so I could easily live with a game machine, and thanks to my mother, who thought games were bad, I got a game machine a little later than other children. I remember that it was probably around 5th grade in elementary school when I first encountered the game console. It was also a very inexpensive game machine in which direct transactions were made between individuals called the flea market. It was the result of a miracle, and I was happy as if I had the world. After 10 years of birth, the wish of a boy who wanted to play games at my house instead of at a friend's house came true.

However, the purchase of a game console that was later than his peers became the cause of the early reading habits. My mother always proudly says, "It's because I bought a game machine a little late," for her son winning various awards at school essay writing and writing tests, book review contests and Baekiljang.

In fact, I sympathize with my mother's words. It was a time when there was no place to play, so I was familiar with books by seeing, seeing and looking at the books I read in the narrow basement. It was a time when my double-income parents thought freely about the contents of the book until they came home late in the evening. Those times must have been nourishing until I am now.

From childhood, books have been my last friend. The game I wanted so much was fun, but there were time limits. This is because I followed my mother's guidelines, "Do only two hours today.

The guy called game was a friend that I could meet for a while in a day, and he was a friend who could meet anytime I wanted to read a book. What's more, books were a trustworthy and unchanging treasure for me, who had to spend a lot of time trusting someone and being clumsy at dating people. I think I had a strong childhood with the book.

Funnyly, now in my late 30s, I can see a friend called a game more often. As I earned money and had more free time, I was looking for more addictive and stimulating friends called games instead of friends like books.

Work life puts you more stress than you think. Even for a moment, there are many times when I want to escape into the world of various colors called games. In front of a monitor full of liveliness and excitement, I become the main character there. In the game, if there is a high probability of failure, it is safe to save it. Our lives cannot be saved in between. Like a game, it cannot be loaded. If it is crooked, the huge life of life can end as it is. That's why the game is so attractive. This is the reason why I find more of my friends called games as I get older.

The book friend is still the same since childhood. It seems that if you are close to a friend that adults love, it will help your life. The only thing printed on paper is type, so the imagination is bigger than the game. The power to think increases as well.

Games and books, books and games. Which friend is more helpful in my life?

After contemplating, I decided to get close to both of my friends.

However, it is expected that there will be friends who will remain with me from my late 30s to my 40s and 50s.

In order not to be embarrassed by that friend, I think that I wish I would have more full knowledge than I of today. Then, will that friend also meet me for a longer time?