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RE: 10 Weeks Summary for the Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway

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We owe you so much my friend. All of the time that you spent guiding us and we shared the ground rule, or foundation that @combination will be built upon openness, honesty and care. As a charity we love giving back to our supporters and @combination is doing exactly that.

It is an honor to be friends with a man of your caliber and we only wish you all of the very best in your future endeavors.

A sincere thank you from all of us for your unselfishness!

Friends forever!



Thanks. I'm sure combination will do fine. One of the templates just requires adding in the week number.

I hope your charity continues to be successful and helpful.

I will make sure to keep an eye out on things and advise.

Thank you and we are praying in the hope to find someone to do the draws for us.
There are not many people that will be willing, but we continue the search!