Having an offday...

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Shit happens and life goes on

I have to admit it, I am having a severe case of the Monday blues.
I really had to drag myself to work today. It is an emotional week for me, as this week, 6 years ago, my father died. And no matter I like it or not, it has a profound effect on my feelings. Off course these feelings are normal for any human being, but still, they can overwhelm you. As they did to me today. There's nothing more that I can do, than to accept these emotions and let them have their run. That is at least what one is supposed to do, but it still doesn't make it any easier. Oh well, we will survive, but I promise myself, I will honour my father this week. He deserves to be remembered.





Nice post dear

Keep working hatd buddy

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Sorry to hear about your fathers passing, its a hard one. I still have mine, but he is old and a little sick, so I guess he could go anytime. Also we see the world very differently, so unfortunately we dont have the best relationship, even I think he has worked hard the whole life and gave me a lot in the childhood and stuff like that.

Life is a lot of ups and downs, but I know how you feel. When we loose something or someone one very important or fail a lot in life, it gives very hard feelings to deal with. I know it sounds cliche, but the best is to look at the positive sides of life and remember those. Now I could be wrong, but as fare as I understand you have a wonderful family with wife and children, right? I promise you, not every man has that, so you are extremely fortunate, even you lost your father.

The older we get, the more people around us die. Its important to be open to new friendships to compensate for losses, even it can be hard, thats how I think and live my life.