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Dear Hivers

ATAWAD, the hot new acronym is more than a buzz word. This new trend is gradually erasing the boundaries between the virtual and the real, the concrete and the abstract, the local and the global, the immediate and the timeless, the human and the machine.


The inexorable convergence between all these poles, resulting from the fusion of web and nano technologies , is shaping a new world. An incredibly mobile and versatile world, at the same time compact and disproportionate, ubiquitous and serendipitating. NFC technology, 3D, geolocation and augmented reality - among other technological advances - are disrupting our relationship with information, images and sound. Our world is interconnected through networks and apps whose power and influence we do not always imagine on social, economic and political evolution. Every day new 'connected objects' appear in our urban environments and even in our daily lives.

The term ATAWAD has appeared quite recently. It is linked to the development of the Internet and mobile applications. It designates this recent trend which allows information to be obtained instantly: anytime (Any Time), anywhere (AnyWhere), on any medium (Any Device) (TV, computer, mobile phone, tablet, console, object, etc.).
An increasing number of users remain permanently connected to their professional and personal networks. Anytime, anywhere: in the office, on the move, at home and even on vacation. The distance turned into a single point: the touch of the thumb on the screen or the keyboard. Google maps makes us travel everywhere and instant messaging allows us to communicate at any time, regardless of where we are.
It is thanks to developments in the cloud, sites and extranets, collaborative tools and social networks that this remote access - more or less secure - to an increasingly vast body of information has become possible . And this flow, which flows more and more freely and rapidly, is not without its problems. Because he's exerting more and more pressureand the volume to be managed becomes difficult to control. This explains why, almost every day, new tools appear, in an attempt to filter, organize, manage ... in short, tools more suited to new uses.

ATAWAD provides its share of tools to simplify our existence and make us more “efficient”.
• Researchers and analysts create alerts and schedule their watch so as to receive information in real time and to filter and organize it by topic.
• Salespeople obtain useful information on their market and their competitors wherever they are (in customers, at a trade show, at a conference).
• Communication managers follow the news in real time and react much more quickly in the event of a crisis, thus limiting or even avoiding damage.
• Business leaderstrack production flows, distribution chain, financial results, etc. Thanks to a series of continuously updated dashboards, they stay in control of their entire business, wherever they are.

ATAWAD destabilizes some companies and people. If this is the case, it is vital to be supported and to communicate well in order to change mentalities and overcome fears and rejections.
• Many companies prohibit access to social networks during working time . However, the generalization of smartphones will soon make this ban inoperative. It is therefore important to think about the best way to integrate this new reality into the life of the company.
• The border between private life and the professional worldis more and more blurry. And the confusion of spaces and times sometimes leads to physical or psychic disorders. Compulsive interest in always being connected can lead to an existential vacuum. A reaction movement is also heard to impose periods of "disconnections", in this case we speak of SOTAWAD. (SOme time,…)
• Receiving information all the time does not allow it to be analyzed in depth. The tendency is therefore to hyperreactivity more than to reflection . The generalization of copy / paste and the automation of certain curation tools also abound in this direction.
• The digital traces That we leave everywhere on the web are unfortunately indelible. In addition, the collection of personal and confidential data and information can become problematic over time. It is therefore urgent to regulate practices and uses.
• Storage and access to information in the cloud also raises the question of data protection: some information disappears over time and third-party companies have a right to inspect the stored data, which can be a problem. confidentiality.
• Finally, in the event of a malfunction , it is no longer one but several people who are immediately affected, since everything is interconnected.

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Nice dear keep working hard

Keep up the good work buddy

I don't not know these new terms and the truth is I agree that it is very surprising to see how technology gains spaces every day.

What I do know is that companies should strive to allow recreation time for their employees because this way they will be more productive.

And another interesting fact is how technology has changed our lives and continues to do so.I think we are taking the next step in the evolution of the human being.

And all this is thanks to technology, although they put new terms that seem far-fetched to me.

Today I learned something new ATAWAD and SOTAWAD :)

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ATAWAD is a new word for me and I never came across this before. Today a new word is added in my vocab and thanks to you for sharing about it.

I have never heard of it, we will look for information to learn more about it.