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Dear Hivers

It's been all the more then a half year from the hard fork with hive, and numerous individuals are dealing with issue how to change over their steem to other fait cash without giving KYC and in simple strides with fixed transformation rate. Before it was not difficult to community steem to fait money as blocktrades was supporting the transformation.

currently various people have steem with them, and would not really like to use exchange and do KYC with the trade. Beside this there are various conditions like you need to set solicitation with certain entirety like on @bittrex you can't set solicitation under 0.00050000 satoshis. So if you are having less Steem how will you convert ? Presently here the inquiry emerges.


I didn't know how I planned to manage this steem since I would not like to utilize any trade for transformation. So I began doing investigate on steem and searching for sites, So I have tracked down an extremely simple and helpful site to change over your steem to fait money in simple advances.


Special Thanks to @roadofrich and @futureshock For providing this service.

Time to discuss about its Technical feature and its service.

User Friendly

The site is very easy to use, simple and easy to utilize the designer has done exceptionally decent work in introducing the site. I particularly like the dull mode definitely. Every one of the diagrams are effectively obvious with most recent cost and volumes of the Steem.

Screenshot_2021-03-23 Home - SteemScan(1).png

Latest blocks and Latest Transactions

This is the best part of the all the latest transaction and latest blocks are displayed that is mined by witnesses.

Screenshot_2021-03-23 Home - SteemScan(2).png

DApps and Witness

Dapps are the application that are accessible on the steem blockchain and what are their positioning at present all will be appeared immediately place. witness are individuals which are running the exchange. here you can straightforwardly see all the observer and straightforwardly vote in favor of any observer and see their profile additionally on steemscan.

Screenshot_2021-03-23 Steem DApps - SteemScan.png

Few pros and other various advantages.

FIXED Conversion Rate

One of the Best part of this website is that FIXED CONVERSION RATE , This site is very profited for little and large clients. as it charges fixed commission on transformation which helps the whales and little individuals.

Best part is that commission is also very affordable for small users and whales

NO KYC For Any Transaction.

Another best thing of utilizing this site is that, we don't need to present any KYC Details. other trade are requesting all KYC subtleties to handle your exchange yet this site is only awosome to use with no KYC.

Their are lot of other benefits , but this two are the best and unique from other exchange.

Quick Conversion Window

Screenshot_2021-03-23 Convert - SteemScan.png

Hope you like the review will be posting others reviews also as, I come to know new platform.


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Hi dear @adityajainxds

It is a great application and very intuitive once you use it, and it works very well, everything is fast and intuitive

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