Every day it takes less to reach 100,000 starbits

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Lately I'm taking longer to reach 100,000 starbits because I'm playing less from my cell phone and I dedicate more time to skill missions, especially singing and voice missions because they give me more points.

After many months I found out that to gain more skill points it is necessary to have more instruments.

Whenever I can, I leave my account doing the missions for the longest and best paying, sometimes if I remember I do the 5-minute missions in the hope of finding slices of pizza and doing another 3-hour mission.

I have done too many missions and lately I am in doubt whether to sell my starbits to make a profit on hive or to keep accumulating more cards.

At the moment I have important economic needs and I have important investments in mind because I want to get ahead in this country that I live in, I don't want to sound like a resentful person but here in Argentina they charge you tax for everything.

I would like the price of starbit to increase but I don't know how that is possible.


Great progress hey. You game is really setup well and you are making loads of starbits from it. I guess you could sell but price is pretty low now. You won't get much for it. But as hive increases so does the price decrease. Like anything it's a gamble. If you get more players to play the demand will be more. That's one option!

well you are strting to get in the leaderboard.....you get some rewards then! as was said that if hive is worth more then so are SB! good luck!

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