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I just finished a yoga activity that lasted about 0hh:25mm:0ss !


How do we know the correct rules for doing yoga?
The simple method of doing yoga exercises is discussed below
What is yoga?
Yoga Method:
Rules for doing yoga exercises?
How many types of pranayama and what?
Before discussing the rules of yoga, but one thing you need to know,

When I started yoga and started doing it regularly, one day a friend of mine said to me,

It would be better to play games like me than to bend over and do what you are doing. "

Some of your friends like me have heard you say this at one time or another.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

Today I will discuss with you some important things about yoga.

If you think you can buy your dream car or dream home, you will be happy without knowing the rules of yoga.
If you are going the wrong way, we are usually talking about yoga or yoga

Many people are not fully aware of how much yoga helps people to develop physical and human, mindfulness.

From ancient times the yogis have been suffering from various ailments through yoga

It has been giving people various physical and mental peace through it

Through this they are also benefiting themselves, if we think a little

I see that in every religion people are getting peace through different acts of worship but.
If the presence of yoga is seen in some period or practice in religion, as in the case of Sufism in Islam,

But since we cannot experience that, but through our five senses, we experience the opposite all the time, so we cannot accept that.

Sufis have given different amals for ages to breathe in it

Given different amals, it is seen that yoga but falls into it, again Hindu
Yoga has been practiced in religion since ancient times and in Buddhism

As can be seen, we usually run up in the morning to say healthy body,

I understand doing gym as well as morning work but there are many benefits to doing yoga or yoga-exercises from these.

Exercise may be physically beneficial but

Doing yoga or yoga-exercise has both physical and mental ailments,

To survive, you would be surprised to know that yoga or

If we know that there are some such seats in yoga-exercise

Kidney or liver disease can be easily cured, many of us have bone problems as we get older.

There are many benefits to regular yoga postures,

You will get these benefits only if you believe in it and observe the seats properly,
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