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I just finished a 2.5km cycling that lasted about 0hh:25mm:0ss !


Under the open sky, cycling on the tree-lined road makes us friends with nature. In this way the worries from the head are mixed with the wind.

Pollution and vehicle pressure are less in the morning. So do cycling in the morning, if you can't in the morning, take some time out for the whole day and cycle. And the safest means of transportation during this period is bicycle, but if you want you can use bicycle instead of public transport for regular commute.

Benefits of cycling:

Strengthens the muscles - Cycling is not just a leg exercise. Regular cycling puts pressure on every muscle in our body, which helps the muscles to be well-formed and strong.

Reduces the risk of heart disease - Cycling keeps our heart, lungs and blood pressure normal. In this way the heart stays healthy and the risk of various diseases is reduced.

Increased work ethic - The stamina we need to work, we get that work ethic from regular cycling. Which helps us to reach our desired goals faster.

Reduces stress - Under the open sky, cycling on tree-lined roads builds our friendship with nature. In this way the worries from the head are mixed with the wind.

Body fat loss - Regular cycling helps us lose excess body fat and control weight.

Cardio - Cycling improves our breathing and heart rate.


Cycling on busy city streets is not easy. In this case, the issue of self-protection is very important. When buying a bicycle, check that the safety gear is correct. You have to ride a bicycle on one side of the road all the time. Even if you ride a bicycle, obey the traffic laws. Never ride a bike too fast. Use a helmet.

In addition, if you have diabetes, you need to eat something before cycling. So keep a bottle of water or juice with you to relieve fatigue.


You can buy a good quality bicycle including Phoenix, MTV, Hercules, Hero, Firefox for 5 to 20 thousand rupees. Bicycles of domestic and foreign brands are available in all small and big cities of the country including Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Uttara,
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