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I just finished a 2.5km running that lasted about 0hh:25mm:0ss !


To stay healthy we need a nutritional diet, a controlled life as well as regular exercise. And exercise does not mean walking 5 country miles or spending long hours in the spa. Walking 30-40 twinkles every day is also a part of the exercise. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that a healthy adult walk 150 twinkles a week or run 75 twinkles a week. So indeed if it isn't possible every day, you should exercise at least 30 twinkles 5-6 days a week. The results of the exercise are veritably slow, which is why people are less attracted to it. But if you want to live a healthy and strong life, it's wise to keep exercise in your diurnal routine.

Exercise for periods

The quantum of exercise depends on the age and physical fitness. Although the type of exercise changes with age, the need doesn't drop at all. In order to maintain the ideal weight, to avoid the onset and complications of colorful conditions, indeed during gestation (as advised by the croaker) one has to exercise to avoid colorful complications. Dietitian and in- charge of Dhaka Persona Health (Dhanmondi Branch) gave some suggestions in this regard.
Shawkat Ara Sayeda.

Children and adolescents

Exercise helps to maintain body weight, make strong bones, maintain proper sleep and increase tone- confidence in nonage. It's an exercise to run around with the children in hitch. Different types of platoon sports like justice, football, basketball with age; The need for exercise is met through physical exercise like swimming, cycling, karateetc.

Those who are youthful

Youths can be engaged in nearly all kinds of physical exercises starting from sports, swimming, cycling, running. In this case you can also take advice from a trained educator in the spa.

Those who are employed

Those who are busy with office and family life in the morning and evening may not be suitable to get regular exercise. Still should try. Numerous people work in chairpersons and tables in the office, they should exercise in their work. It's a little exercise than sitting still!

In declining age

With age comes a variety of physical disabilities. Regular exercise can help you to live a healthier life by reducing those obstacles. Still, at this age it's better to keep some balance. It's veritably necessary for the senior. To control a variety of conditions, similar as heart complaint, diabetes, high blood pressure, fat, bone complaint, back pain, reduce cholesterol situations, reduce the threat of heart attack, strengthen muscles, reduce the threat of osteoporosis, walk according to physical condition, some Exercise, calisthenics and yoga are veritably salutary.

Physical exercises like calisthenics, tabata, zumba are veritably effective at this age if you aren't fat and have no major physical problems. Piecemeal from this, you can stay healthy by doing yoga (yoga), contemplation, power yoga and pilates.


After waking up, have a fresh breakfast and exercise after a many hours.

Remember, exercise can noway be done on an emptystomach.However, you can do light jogging or walking half an hour after waking up, If there's a lack of time.

Still, Mahmudul Hasan, an educator at Future Fitness Gym at Jamuna Future Park, advised not to do any heavy exercise in the morning. He said that after sleeping for a long time at night, the body becomes nearly breathless in the morning. So it's better to refrain from heavy exercise to strain the muscles at this time. Or it may be the contrary.

Exercising in the autumn or in hot rainfall makes the body tired fluently. So it's better not to exercise at this time.

Exercise space

It's stylish to exercise in the open. Exercise in the green in the clean terrain of nature reduces the symptoms of numerous conditions. But in this mechanical megacity of Dhaka, the number of open spaces shadowed by green is veritably low. In that case you can make your spa or any spa near you your spa. Still, to get good results, exercise can be done under the supervision of a trained educator. Still, it's better not to do heavy exercise for those under 18 times of age. This is because, if he engages in emphatic exercise at this time, his normal inheritable growth may be disintegrated.

What to eat at this time?

Heavy refections should be taken at least 2 hours before physical exercise and heavy refections shouldn't be eaten after refections just like after refections.

Before exercise

One hour before going to the spa or exercise should eat carbohydrate- type food. You can eat fruit before exercise. Apples, bananas before exercise; You can also eat these with toast. These foods take lower time to digest and give energy to the body before exercise.

Still, it should be noted that there's no way to exercise on an empty stomach. The stress that comes from exercising can lower your body's sugar situations. The result is hypoglycemia

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