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I just finished a yoga activity that lasted about 0hh:25mm:0ss !


In addition to the choice of food and drink to keep the body and mind active, proper exercise is demanded. Exercise is indeed more important for children because it helps them develop their body shape and personality. There are numerous styles of exercise. Walking, running, jumping and colorful sports grounded on these and swimming is a kind of exercise.

There's another type of exercise which is done with the help of bike or colorful accoutrements. Its name is yoga exercise. This exercise is done by creating pressure on different corridor of the body and relaxing it. There are numerous books on its rules and regulations, some of them indeed educate this exercise. There's no detriment in doing other exercises without it.E.g., walking. Walking roundly for at least half an hour every day keeps the body supple and reduces anxiety or pressure as further oxygen enters the brain.

The colorful postures of yoga exercises are called asanas. Then are six essential seats that people of all periods should do. But it's stylish to start at a youthful age.

The first is breathing. This picking is for lying in a breathless position like a cadaver. In this seat, one has to lie on one's back or on one's back without a pillow, with one's hands and bases crossed and one's mind free from worries. It can be done at any time and if done half an hour daily, the chine stays good. Utmost of the blood is made in the bone gist of the chine and caricatures. Still, if you do this seat, a lot of hard work and stress can be endured, reading is remembered and any pain and retired problems of the body are removed. Doing this for a while without jumping out of bed in the morning increases strength and confidence. Still, the bed shouldn't be so soft that the chine bends when lying on the reverse.

In other words, you have to rest for a while later all the other seats.
The alternate and third seats are Pabanmuktasana and The air that accumulates in the stomach during digestion is responsible for one third of all conditions. Piecemeal from that, Pabanmuktasana is salutary in diabetes and asthma. Bhujangasana relieves all kinds of back and midriff pain, high blood pressure and gynecological conditions.

The fourth seat is Padmasana. Doing this asana in yoga removes all conditions. In particular, the strength of the heart and lungs increases, the strength of the mind also increases and the body can not attack arthritis.

The fifth seat is Vajrasana which can be done incontinently after eating. It helps in digestion and sleep and keeps the chine well. The sixth seat is the throne. It's veritably useful for bad breath, dirty lingo, impassiveness of speech, sore throat and a little cold and helps to candy the throat of the song. Indeed also, colorful yoga or other exercises can be done according to the requirements of the body. Below is a brief description of the other five seats above except Shabasana.

Pavanmuktasana Lie on your reverse, first bend your right leg from the knee, place it on your tummy and casket and hold it with both hands. Keep your breathing normal and count to thirty in your mind. Also once the number is counted by lowering the right bottom and also the left bottom and also the left bottom, also it'll be said formerly. This should be done three times in a row with equal time rest in breathing.

  • Bhujangasana

Taradiddle on your reverse with your legs straight. Place the triumphs of both hands upside down on the bottom on either side near the caricatures. Now lift the head as far as possible by placing it on the bottom from the bases to the midriff and resting it on the triumphs of the hands. Now bend your head backwards as important as you can and look overhead. Also sluggishly lower your head and casket and lie down on your reverse and rest on your breath. Doubly the seat.

  • Padmasana

Sit with the chine straight and bend the left leg at the knee and place it on the right ham. Keep it on both knees. Stay in that position as long as you can fluently. Breathing-Breathing will be normal. Also change legs and sitagain.However, rest your breath, If you feel uncomfortable. Do this four times.

  • Vajrasana

Bend your knees and bend your legs backwards. Place the triumphs of the hands upside down on both knees. The burro will be on the ankle. The first many days can be a bit of a hassle. So sit in that position as long as you caneasily.

However, keep your breathing normal, do the seat three times and rest your breath, If you can not stay for a long time at a time.

  • Throne

Sit on the bajrasana and lower your chin or chin and rest it on your casket. Also stick out your lingo as much as you can with a big nudnik. Now fill your casket with your nose and exhale with your mouth as loud as possible. Relax your breathing like this 6 times in a row. Gradationally increase the number to 12 times.

The jitters maintain the mind's contact with the body. All the jitters are made up of the nervous system, a large part of which ends up in the soles of the bases. That's why rubbing the soles of the bases with commodity rough, similar as zucchini dinghy or a plastic encounter, keeps the body fresh and the sick body heals sluggishly. So whenever possible, rub the soles of each bottom for at least 10 twinkles and pull the toes over and down.

Give a splash of water in the eyes numerous times while washing theface.However, you won't get cold, cough or headache fluently, If you pull water out of your nose as much as possible. You must brush your teeth before going to bed at night, because sick mouth causes numerous conditions. Piecemeal from that, whenever you eat commodity or drink anything other than water, if you cool it well with water, your teeth will be better. And you know, it's wise to have teeth to understand the quality of teeth!

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