What do you know about effective yoga?

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In stagnant life, one's body is not taken care of at all. As a result, the body becomes fat and various diseases occur. Reducing body fat is not an easy task but it is possible to reduce excess fat by doing some exercises every day. Yoga plays the most beneficial role in reducing excess fat. Today we will tell you about some effective yoga poses to reduce excess body fat.

Yoga to reduce excess body fat

We do different types of yoga. Each yoga has its own function in our body. Let's not know what are effective yoga asanas to reduce fat.



This is a very effective seat to reduce body fat. This seat is also known as a fish lift. This seat will help to reduce excess belly fat by stretching your abdominal muscles. This seat also stretches the chest and neck muscles.

How to do the seat

  • First lie down in a narrow place and keep your hands straight on both sides and keep the palms of your hands on the ground. Make sure that the two legs are together. The legs should be towards the waist.

  • Now keep the hands on both sides of the ground up to the buttocks.

  • The chest should be kept high and the palm of the head should be kept on the ground.

  • In this case breathing should be kept absolutely normal.


Bhujanga means snake. The seat has been named Bhujang asana because it looks like a snake's hood. It is also called a cobra seat. Doing this regularly will reduce the excess fat in your lower abdomen. When doing this seat, pressure is applied to the lower abdomen. As a result, fat is reduced. This seat should be avoided during pregnancy.

How to do Bhujang asana

  • First, in a narrow place, you have to fold the dupa and keep it straight and lie down.
    Then you have to keep your head tilted to the right or to the left.
    Hands should be placed on both sides.

  • The palms of the hands will stick to the ground.

  • Now pull both hands and keep them upside-down along both arms. And the head should be raised by leaning on the hand.

  • Straight from the waist to the soles of the feet. The chest should be raised above the ground. The navel will stick to the ground.

  • Breathing will be normal.
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