Changes in body composition through certain exercises

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What you call average fat is presumably not you. But there may be a little too important fat in some corridor of the body, which interferes with your physical beauty. In these cases, diet doesn't work veritably well. Rather, you can do some exercises while sitting at home, which will help to make your body beautiful.


Exercise first

  • First break the knee and sit in Vajrayana.

  • Fold the triumphs of the hands and raise both hands to breathe.

  • Now while exhaling, lean the body forward and place the forepart and hands on the bottom. Stay like this for 30 seconds.


This exercise helps to increase the height. Circulates blood throughout the body. Increases attention. The muscles of the hand are tense.

The alternate exercise

  • Taradiddle down on the bottom first. Now break both legs.

  • Also fold the hands in the shape of two crosses.

  • Now while exhaling, pull the upper part of the body overhead in such a way that there's pressure on the tummy. Take it down again incontinently. Make sure that the reverse of the head doesn't touch the bottom. Do three sets in a row with 1 nanosecond break.


Helps to reduce abdominal and back fat. After a while, the feeling of fattiness in the body disappears.

Third exercise

  • Taradiddle down on the bottom. Now fold both hands and place them behind the head.

  • Raise both legs 45 degrees. Now break the leg on either side, right or left.

  • Now try to put the elbow of the right hand with the knee of the left bottom. Also, try to fit the elbow of the right hand with the knee of the left bottom.

  • If you do this 24 times, it'll be one set. Do this three times with 1 nanosecond break.


Helps to reduce lower abdominal fat. In addition, it helps to reduce the fat on both sides of the midriff and make the structure beautiful.

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