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I've been looking for good memes and graphics to simplify the Web3 explanation. The meme I've been using is:

Web 1.0 ➡️ Companies make content. Companies make money.
Web 2.0 ➡️ We make the content. Companies make the money.
Web 3.0 ➡️ We make the content. We make the money.

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I actually like the meme in the image better, I don't think it should be about money, since it could be used for much more!

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Agreed. Money is part of the blockchain proposition, but is not the only thing. Not by a long shot. Which is why I have been looking for graphics and memes to better express the value of the blockchain to newbies. This graphic does that quite well.

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Right on, the value proposition for crypto also includes the ability to escape government surveillance (with certain coins like Monero), censorship resistance, and also makes us less dependent on legacy institutions, as well as teaches us responsibility since those of us who self custody must learn to defend our private keys. Furthermore, it started things like the trend of decentralization to all sorts of applications, many of which have nothing to do with money.

All of these things would still be extremely valuable even of the price of coins never went up again and everything became a stablecoin overnight with no chance of profit.

That's what I think too... These things will still be valuable even if the price stayed very low...

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Yes exactly, whether the price of BTC or HIVE is $1000 or $1, they still offer exactly the same highly useful features at both prices (or any price!). Great comment, thanks for sharing.

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Glad that you agree.


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