My Actifit Report Card: January 17 2021 ~ Photowalking, and take a look what I found along the way

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Today my wife and I walked around my mother’s village in Juli Subdistrict of Bireuen District. We started from the stony road behind my mother’s house. Just walked several minutes, I found a huge area for preparing palm seed.

They put all the palm seed in row. It could be thousands of seeds already grown in polybags.


On the left side of the road, just in front of the area of palm seeds, there is a huge corn farm.

The corn are still young but they grow very well. It will be a big harvest in about one month later.

We keep walking until we arrived at a paved road. It’s almost in the middle of village. I found a watermelon plant in front of a villager’s house just at the edge of the road. And I took some pictures of watermelon.

We kept walking until we found another corn farm. These corn is almost ready for harvest, maybe few week later.

I found a turkey just close to the corn farm. It belongs to someone who stay there.

And there was also a fat cow. It’s so big cow under coconut trees.

Not so far from the cow, there was an areca tree. And there are some fruit on the tree.

Then we walked heading to back to my mother’s house. But we found many cows. They are all fat. We were surprised and I took some pictures of them.

All of them a Balinese cows. These cows are now easily to be found in Aceh Province.

At a fence over there, I found wild blueberries. Can them be eaten? I have no idea.


After that, we continue walking until finally I almost touched a caterpilar with my hand.

After about 4 minutes walk, we finally arrived at my mother’s house.
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Nice post with great pictures.

Everything over there is green and healthy, the weather is cool and conducive for plantain. I must say you guys are blessed with the soil, weather vegetations.

At my place you hardly see a cow with any other colour apart from stained white is nice seeing numbers of cows in browns

Good though farm field and enjoying nuturel place

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