Classroom turned Sports field - help needed || My Actifit Report Card: January 5 2021

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This was a heartbreaking scene to behold. A classroom meant for learning had become a sports field. The sandcrete floor is completely destroyed and just left with a thick dept of sand and becomes a pitch for football and other field sports.

My heart goes out to the learners in this facility and it's hurting that nobody really cares.

I wish I could raise some funds to assist the school make the floor suitable as a place for learning.
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That's a creative way to use class room

Height of positive thinking lol . That's good but no I don't think class room must be used this way .

Thank you. Definitely it's a wrong usage. Not commendable at all. The education sector just needs help.

Hahahaha, there is no creativity here oo, especially as it's endangering the health of the learners due to dust.

That's right but it's funny as hell
My place is lockdown and school empty what to do with it

This is where we as a community can help .
Do you know the place ? Is there something we can do?

Yeah, one of the rural schools in Nigeria. I actually went there and took pictures by myself.

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Thanks. Would you support such projects?