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The tenth stage of service to deprived orphans in Kandahar
The Keramat Charitable Foundation has formed a special section on "orphan sponsorship" 9 months ago in order to properly address the situation of the oppressed orphans in the homeland.

️ Compassionate and volunteer charities have taken care of 150 orphans in Kandahar and Helmand, and their assistance continues on a monthly basis until they reach puberty and marriage ...

The assistance of the sponsors, in addition to providing alimony to the orphans and their guardians in cash, also includes the cost of education, shoes, clothes, home appliances and other necessities.

️ ️ Today, Wednesday, 1/18/1400, the tenth stage of this aid was donated in cash to the doors of orphanages in the center of Kandahar city and its surroundings.

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We are grateful to each and every believing believer from Kuwait who has taken care of this orphan.

Below you can see pictures of the donations
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muy buena iniciativa y parte de eso es un buen proyecto