Learn about the CHARY tab and his policy of helping and supporting people who do good to others.

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Greetings friends of hive especially to the followers of chary God bless you in all your life projects today I want to share a little about this charity token.

CHARY, it's a charity token. It can be used to support people who help those most in need, to do charity work, people who do good things to others.


Use the chary tag to publish quality content and to support the people most in need.

Public comment and so others know more about chary.

Telling others about the good things about chary in these times of pandemic help others.

Take advantage and buy chary to support people who already publish their content where they support people in critical condition.

Publish quality content and encourage others to do so, help review the content and vote up or down.

Support charity projects and let us know here.



We need a world where we can all live in harmony and with quality principles and values, it is not just giving for one day, it is giving forever, as the saying goes, if you give the fish, it will eat only one day, but if you teach it to fish, it will eat all the food. Life, how good it would be that those people who help each other because not also teach them to work in hive and use the chary label and thus we would be giving the best of the teachings to hold meetings where they are taught and thus the label would grow faster CHARY

To the friend @achimmertens it would be good to also support this type of project where in conferences new users are taught to use the token and the tag, we need to grow soon, thank you

Invest in chary and support others.



hello, to find security in users there must be a project underway attracting more users here you need time and people who work for that in advertising the file.

Hello, greetings, I'm new to hive and I think it's good that here there are people who help low-income people

Greetings friend, the security of the token is and I think that maybe if it needs some adjustments to encourage users to work as well, but the most important thing for now is to maintain the price of the token to be able to help since they will be very little help.