I have 1,900+ liquid LEO in my wallet to stake

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I have already staked 6,000+ LEO. And I would like to stake more LEO in the future. Recently I have 1,900+ LEO to stake. I just wait for Hive-Engine maintenance to resolve the issue related to Hive HF24.


After Hive-Engine is working again after Hive HF24, then staking my liquid LEO. And I will just stake every LEO I get from posting and curation rewards.

I am pretty sure that LEO/WLEO will hit an unbelievable price in the future.


WOW, banyak sekali punya pak dokter

Punya dulu bang. Beli waktu harga murah, saat harga 0,12 Steem/Hive. Hehehe
Menyesal juga cuma beli dikit 😀

Wow great

Thanks :)

Omak mantap pak dokter.

Jangan lupa singgah ke postingan Leo saya ya dokter ehehe

Hehehe. Sudah saya singgah ya 😀


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Thank you :)

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That sounds awesome, I've just started to use LEOFinance (again, as I used it a long time ago) and I will build my way up from scratch. LEO looks very promising!

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Great going!
Keep up
Good Weekend

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