Anobel Donation To Helpers Report - Winners of 20 Hive

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Hello Hivers, Donators, and all helping people,

This is the

Anobel Donation To Helpers Report


I am proud to announce, that I can send some money to people, which helped other people in the recent days.

PlaceAmount HiveWinnerUrlImage
1.12 Hive@abu78
2.5 Hive@hive.ghana
3.3 Hive@sujitsawant

The money has already been sent:


What is this about?

The man behind it

The account @anobel was created and is owned by @achimmertens. He believes, that the Hive ecosphäre has big advantages and is especially appropriate to help people in need. So he tries to invent a system, that has trustworthy curators, trustworthy authors and donators who finance the helpers in an efficient way.

The rules

The curators (at the moment only @achimmertens) look for posts, that contain:

  • good written content about people, that get helped
  • pictures, to proof that this post is real and not spam or fake.
  • not low reputation score of the authors.
  • ...

When the curators find a post worthy to get money, they mark it with "!CHARY" in the reply.
A report (at the moment irregularely) consolidates these posts and orders the winners.
All the Hive-money, that has been send until then to @anobel, will be distributed among the winners.

What you can do

If you want to support needy people and their helpers also, you can:

Reblog this report

The more people are involved, the more we can reach.

Curation Trail

Follow @anobel in the curation trail. There you upvote automatically everyone, who @anobel will upvote. With this, you give some upvotes to the people that do good things:

Donate Hive to @anobel

All the Hive money that anobel owns, will be distributed among the next winners. This promise can be prooved by checking @anobel's wallet

Help other people and write about it

Do something good and talk about it. Write it honestly and don't be ashamed to talk about your help. Use the hashtag "charity" and post it in the community "Charity". Subscribe to this community, curate some content and talk to the authors to engage them.

Follow @anobel

There you should get (regularely) reports about the winners. This is at the moment under construction. The reports are generated manually at the moment, but @achimmertens is working on that.

Follow @achimmertens

Yes, he is always happy, when someone reads and upvote his work ;-)

See you with the next "Anobel Donation To Helpers" Report,



Wow, thanks so much for this generosity and kindness, I am glad to have impacted others lives as well. We are always ready to support people any time when the need arise. I would follow this up so that I don’t miss any info coming from anabel or acimmertens accounts.

You are welcome!

Respected sir indeed the work you do is very beautiful and amazing. I salute your work. I really like your thoughts. And I support your thoughts very much.

supporting the cause with !ALIVE <3

@anobel! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @sylmarill. (8/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want, plus you can win Hive Power and Alive Power delegations and Ecency Points in our chat every day.

Hi @anobel,
great job ;-)