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The bad guys appear, gather the heroes, finally beat the bad guys, and beat you if they don’t agree. So even if you are not a fan of the X-Men, you don’t have to worry about it.

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  What does the audience care about? box office? Not necessarily, that is what the film and television companies are concerned about. Special effects? This can only be regarded as one of the concerns. With the innovation of 3D film technology in recent years, it is no longer a problem to produce more dazzling and more realistic special effects. Investing more money will do everything! What the audience cares about is whether the movie is hot or not, what they care about is whether the movie is good or not, whether the plot is interesting, and whether the actors have enough taste! How about the recent X-Men: Apocalypse? The play is very good, the plot is very "energetic", the actors are also very good, but it is estimated that the domestic box office will not be too high.  "X-Men: Apocalypse" (X-Men: Apocalypse) was released on the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, but the biggest enemy at the box office is not the zongzi but "Warcraft". With the release of "Warcraft", various theaters gave " "X-Men: Apocalypse" has a pitiful number of films, so the domestic box office is probably lower than expected, which is why. So how about the third in this X-Men prequel movie? The author's general impression is very lively, and the overall is above average. Since the third part of the trilogy movie is not easy to shoot, it is not easy for this movie to achieve this result.


  Seven of the X-Men series movies have been released roughly. The full name of the X-Men: Apocalypse has recently been released. It is the eighth film in the series and the third in the new series of prequel trilogy. unit. This "X-Men: Apocalypse" was also produced by the American Twentieth Century Fox Film Company, directed by Brian Singer, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Howe Walter, Ivan Peters, Oscar Isaac and others co-starred. The second part of the movie plot continues. After reversing the future, the background of the story comes to the 1980s. It tells the story of the ancient and powerful first mutant Apocalypse who woke up in Egypt and wanted to re-rule and change the world, which led to a series of variants. The story of human war. The story is much simpler than the previous one. The Apocalypse in the title is the first mutant in history in the original film. He lived for thousands of years. He was too powerful to be undesirable. After being buried alive by the industrious Egyptian people for thousands of years, he bounced again. Come out to harm the world, the justice Professor X and the team members will of course save the world, the fire and the apocalypse. In this episode, Professor X experienced the joys and sorrows of his life. After the last movie reversed his future, the professor "rejuvenated" and had long flowing, thick black hair, but it didn't take long for him to experience all kinds of things and become a bald head again. So this one can also be called "X-Men: The Professor's Road to the Bald Head". This movie, the strongest mutant Apocalypse in Chinese history, reappeared in the world. It launched nuclear warheads from all over the world into space and watched a firework show. It made an outstanding contribution to the cause of humankind’s nuclear-free development. It seduced and convened the Four Horsemen , To solve the problem of pyramid construction that has troubled archaeologists for many years. As the most awesome mutant in history, Apocalypse has a unique style when using its abilities. As long as you roll your eyes, you can call the wind and rain, and the world can change color. Therefore, the title of this film can also be translated into "X-Men: Don't Make Me Roll My Eyes". This film is the third part of the X-Men prequel series, and the plot is quite satisfactory. The bad guys appear, gather the heroes, and finally beat the bad guys. These are basically these three parts. They are very smooth and not muddled. It is as simple as beating you if you don’t agree. So even if you are not a fan of X-Men, you don’t have to worry about it. The movie is lively, the special effects are cool, and the actors are also beautiful. For amateurs to watch it lively, the movie is just good.

  For the old X-Men trilogy, the role of this X-Men movie has changed. The Quicksilver kid is a fledgling, and Laser Eye is also a very tender high school student. The difference is that this X-Men movie The policeman does not have a core role. "X-Men: First Battle" is the first movie of the new series. The core character is Magneto, which is very plump; the core character in "Reverse the Future" is the magic girl, who is played by It’s understandable that actress Jennifer Lawrence uses the influence of the actress to increase the box office of the film, but in this one, it seems that there is really no core role. "X-Men" is also a comic under the banner of Marvel. Although the production company is different, the routine used in this one is somewhat similar to that of "Avengers 2." It does not highlight a particular character, but draws a big picture. The segment shots create a group portrait of superheroes or mutants. Some friends think that this is the right way for such a collection of heroes to fight monsters movies. It should not be too concentrated on one character. I don't believe how successful you watch "Avengers" and the high box office. But before the movie "Avengers" was supported by a single series of heroes, the X-Men did not. Only "Wolverine" was a single series of movies. Without an important role worthy of follow, audiences would be difficult to attract , Even in the movie "Avengers" where superheroes get together, there are Iron Man and the US team. How about this film? Magneto is still struggling internally and has not become a super villain. Professor X is still an idiot. Phoenix piano can’t even control his own abilities. The movie lacks a backbone. Every character is like the protagonist but not, making the audience watch. For a long time, I didn't understand what I was going to say, and I was left to stare at Apocalypse and roll my eyes, so it was a movie that was a bit of a failure.  Many fans of the X-Men are eagerly awaiting this latest movie series, wondering if they are satisfied with the adaptation. As an "outsider", the author did some homework before going to watch the movie, and found that the director and screenwriter still made certain changes to the original work. For example, the ability of the big villain Apocalypse in the movie is no longer immortal and needs Transferring one's soul to a new body, the basic ability is also weakened, which is very reasonable. If this is not the case, this movie will not be filmed. The fledgling little X-Men simply can't beat it. In the film, Apocalypse woke up and learned the knowledge of the world from TV. At that time, I wanted to think that people are more popular than others. We have watched TV for many years, so why didn't we learn much? People's Apocalypse is able to know most of the knowledge and situation of the world by relying on a broken TV in the 1980s. It can't be compared. The rest of the characters, such as Magneto and Professor X, as well as Fenghuangqin, Kuaiyin, etc., have all undergone brand-new shaping. Are you afraid that fans will not buy it? Don't be afraid, because people did not "reverse the future", since they all reversed the past, naturally it is reasonable to adapt it anyway. It is worth mentioning that Wolverine no longer shows only thighs or buttocks like in the first two parts. This time, he showed his face and showed some fighting skills, returning to the scene of the X Weapon Transformation Institute. I have to say that the director is still very responsible, at least he didn't change the mutant's ability and plot too far.

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  There are so many X-Men fans around the world, how can these audiences be attracted to the cinema again and pay for the tickets? The director used a trick called selling feelings! It’s been five years since the first part of the X-Men Prequel trilogy was released, but more than 20 years have passed in the film. Think about it, audiences can see the young version of X in this episode of the movie. The soldiers, thinking about the first battle back then, was amazed. In order to better ferment the feelings, the director even edited the film clips in the first part directly, so that the audience can recall the emotions when they watched that year, and the links between the trilogy are more complete and natural. ,why not? Of course, this also saves production costs, and both the producer and the audience eat this set. Selling feelings is part of it. Another method is to sell small fresh meat globally. Hollywood is no exception. The small and fresh version of Laser Eyes and Quick Silver in this movie have returned, making fans enthusiastic. They can appreciate the charm of their favorite characters when they are young, and they are accompanied by small meat. I believe this will attract a lot of new Fans, especially for some female audiences, are fatal.  Friends who go to the movie together have a question: aren’t the X-Men series and the Avengers series both comic works under Marvel? Quicksilver appeared in the "Avengers" series? In the end, he made a heroic sacrifice. Why did he appear in the X-Men again? That’s right, the X-Men indeed belong to Marvel’s comics and have something to do with the Avengers. For example, Captain America even asked Wolverine to reorganize the Avengers. Forkman Wolverine actually agreed, but why is it in the movie? Haven't seen it in China? This is because the adaptation rights for these two are in the hands of different companies. According to the original work, Spider-Man is also one of the Avengers, but he has never appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until he appeared in Captain America 3 , Because Marvel sold the adaptation rights to Sony, and only recently reached an agreement to allow Spider-Man to return. This is also the case with the X-Men. The Quicksilver in "Avengers" does exist. The difference is that the original setting has been changed. This is really helpless. Who lets the adaptation right be in others' hands? However, it does not rule out that the two companies will cooperate again in the future, and it is not impossible to shoot a "X-Men vs. Avengers". Another reason is also because of the creation mode of the American comics. New authors and editors will launch new comic series. When they encounter conflicts with the previous ones, they will shift the responsibility to the parallel world and travel through time. It's complete. So it’s no problem for the X-Men and the Avengers series to do this. What's more, the X-Men comics are called the Unknowingly Brain Cell Death series, which shows how complicated the relationship between the different series of this comic is. Just watch the movie.

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  Let’s talk about mutants. Have any mutants appeared in the real world? No, at least no organization has recognized or issued a statement mentioning mutants. Human evolution may be at a crossroads today. Will the mutants in the movies be selected? Or is it with the superheroes in the Avengers who gained superpowers because of various chances? Or is it that humans use genetic technology and artificial intelligence to transform and evolve themselves? The author thinks that the most likely primary choice is the third, but genetic technology is still far from gaining superpowers, curing all diseases, and achieving immortality.  Compared with the first two films, "Apocalypse" has reduced the audience's awe-inspiring degree. Because this is the third film in the series, it is understandable that the attraction to new audiences has decreased. The film was successfully linked with the first two films, and the editing of some shots and plot routines made the plot of the trilogy complete and unified. Although this is the last movie of the trilogy, it will not reject new audiences thousands of miles away. Just watching this movie has great visual effects and a smooth plot that can attract celebrities of all ages. This is an important part of a successful film. New audiences come to see the excitement, and die-hard fans look at the doorway, each has its own merits and needs. Whether you are a new audience or a die-hard fan, the movie is now in theaters, so take a look when you have time!

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