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I just finished a 2.5km running that lasted about 0hh:25mm:0ss !


Yoga-exercise, yoga-exercise There are several seats that do stomach gas
Will be easily eliminated, moreover we have the impression of our age in our body

If you want to reduce the rules of yoga exercises are enough, skin problems

In the case of yoga there are several effective seats for feminine issues

In the case of yoga there are several effective seats

Many times menstrual irregularities and discharge problems

In case of yoga exercises, the seats are very beneficial for hair loss

We also have the solution to the problem of yoga hair loss

Through the proper application and taking of our breath

If we can keep the blood circulation in the body, then the problem of our blood pressure can be solved.

Eye problems are solved through a few seats,

You need to keep your eyes closed for a long time, and keep them open from time to time.

Many of us are very worried about our height,

But if we do some yoga exercises regularly

If you stay, then it is not impossible to be a few feet tall.

A very simple solution to the problem of insomnia is to do regular yoga exercises and drink plenty of water,
Yoga cures convulsions,

Moreover, there is no substitute for yoga to get rid of fat and get slim,

Sexually Transmitted Diseases This problem is widespread in today's world

So many people can solve this problem through yoga exercises.

Popular Indian actress Shilpa practices yoga regularly

You can learn more from his YouTube video. Watch the video.

Yoga is born with the energy that is created in man creatively, that energy,

Man can awaken that energy by meditating uninterruptedly, helping to awaken.

Moreover man can awaken his third eye, the third eye

Which means that every human being is in the past.

What is Yoga?
Yoga derives from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, meaning individual elemental connection with huge elements.

Yoga data 5000 years old Indian data. There are as many definitions of yoga as there are yogis in the world.

It can be called spiritual exercise, ritual practice, asana exercise, a mental discipline.

What is yoga exercise or yoga?
The English name for the word yoga would be Yoga, which means yoga or integration.

The method of achieving harmony by integrating stability with the character.

Adding a simple meaning, including half a sentence

Reunion with someone, reunion of the whole universe with you,

Close your eyes and think that the whole world exists within you,

Since we cannot perceive it, we use our five senses,

Made in energy, and your yoga will be effective only when you realize this.
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